Our rich history in food catering

Ginger & Spices Event Catering has been at the forefront of the food and hospitality sector for more than two decades. We’ve worked as an independent caterer across London, as well as on behalf of well-known companies across the UK. You could say we’re the experts in event catering – we’ve done it all, from cooking to serving to managing.
We fully understand the love and devotion that goes into making quality Indian and Nepalese cuisine. When it comes to making people feel special through exceptionally high-quality food with none of the caloric overload or guilt afterwards, we have really come into our own as an event catering company.
Nothing pleases us more than seeing happy faces and joy being spread through comfort-inducing and soul-pleasing food. Our goal has always been to provide you and your guests with bar none the best catering experience across London & Kent, including Bexley, Bromley, Chislehurst and Sevenoaks, serving 100% authentic Indian and Nepalese dishes, with recipes that elevate and lighten the mood. Happy times!

Our dedication to food safety and quality

Every recipe is meticulously prepared in our hygienic kitchens and brought to your venue with the uppermost care. We serve freshly prepared food only at a time and place chosen by you.
Food safety and hygiene standards are paramount to our service. Our kitchen staff take all the necessary sanitary measures, including wearing gloves, masks and head caps along with washing their hands before and after preparing meals. They receive regular training in the latest food hygiene and safety standards, and we ensure that this standard reflects throughout our service – from our kitchen to your event.
In addition, we source each ingredient from approved and leading local suppliers only, who meet the latest quality standards set by HACCP.

Our diverse and authentic menu

We offer the most complete and authentic Indian as well as Nepalese cuisine menu, using the freshest and most natural ingredients to retain the original flavour straight from home – but with none of the oily and overly spicy caloric overload. We offer both vegan and non-vegan options on our menu, ensuring that all your guests’ needs or requirements are well catered to.
We’ve handpicked the best dishes from both cuisines, which are revered not only locally but also across the world, bringing the authentic flavour and goodness straight to your table. No need to travel to India or Nepal to experience the mesmerising and mouth-watering cuisines – it’s right here at Ginger & Spices Event Catering!

Our passion to deliver an unbelievable catering experience

We’re a passionate team of caterers and chefs who not only love serving great Indian food but also have a focus on the experience of your event. With every order, we strive to make your experience an unforgettable one. When it’s time to gather for a feast, we shall arrive at your venue or event, ready to serve your friends, family and colleagues with the kind of food that they won’t get enough of and probably won’t stop talking about even many years to come.
Our passion for delivering this authentic Indian and Nepalese food straight to your venue is what drives us to excel further in our service, and the satisfaction we get from seeing everyone enjoying themselves is second to none.


Experience the taste of authentic Indian cuisine at your next event