Catering for all your events at the best prices

Our diverse Indian and Nepalese menu alongside contemporary cocktails and drink options is a testament to our service excellence and dedication to your satisfaction.

From the complete set up and serve to wrap-up of your event, we offer an end-to-end catering service with the following menu selections:


Indian Cuisine Buffet Catering

We offer a broad range of Indian cuisine buffet dishes to help you make the most of your budget while tending to your guests needs. From starters and main courses to drinks and deserts, we offer a broad range of vegan and non-vegan Indian buffet options to suit a variety of budgets:

Indian cuisine buffet menu


Nepalese Cuisine Buffet Catering

The exclusive and highly unique taste of Nepalese cuisine comes straight to you from home, here in London & Kent! This is an opportunity to try many signature Nepalese dishes from our buffet menu (available with vegan and non-vegan options) which can be customised according to your event and your guests’ preferences:

Nepalese cuisine buffet menu


Canapés & Finger Food Service

Sometimes, the best way to impress your guests is by serving bite-sized food in fixed portions. Canapés and finger food is, in fact, perfect for corporate events, engagements and birthday parties, to name a few. So, if you have a limited guest list or don’t want to have a very wide selection of dishes with large portions (which is otherwise ideal for a wedding, e.g.) our canapés & finger food menu will more than do the job:

Canapés & finger food menu


BBQ - Garden Party Catering

BBQ garden parties require a very special and select menu where both vegan and non-vegan options are available, and where your guests don’t have to worry about spilling anything over their clothes or having to wash their hands afterwards. Our select menu of meats and desi dishes are more than ideal for your BBQ garden or family get together.

BBQ garden party menu